New Album


Whirlwind of an Album Release

Dear fairy godmothers and godfathers,

We have to call you guys those names because that's what the last couple of months have felt like.   And without your support we simply would not be in this magical place.   Last month we…

It's Getting Real, Y'all

Hello Kricket Folks!

We have not forgotten about you!  While our gigs are on a major hold, we have been working our tails off on getting our album material together.  Be it logos, album cover photoshoots, t-shirt designs, work tape…

Bet your Chester ain't this crazy

Our band kind of lives to hear Melissa do her 'crazy Chester verse."  Thanks to Vicki Stewart for the video and Little Village for having us out to play at their Mardi Gras celebration!   We had such a fun day…

TV Time and Marie's Bistro

Hi y'all!

We had so much fun this week going to Tallahassee together to film WSFU-TV's 'Local Routes' show.  It was our first band ride together (including our dear bassist Katrina) to an out of town gig, our first pre-taped…

A write up in the Lagniappe?!!

Favorite Quote #1 

"The Mobile Bay area is full of active female musicians, almost all of them solo performers. So when a band like The Krickets comes along, it’s quite refreshing."  - Stephen Centanni, Lagniappe Magazine 

Favorite quote…