Little update

Hello Krickets fam! 

It's high time you fine folks received a little update on this new album's progress.   The short version is that it is in the process of being mixed and our producer hopes to have it back…

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Katrina's Take: A Hoot and a Holler!

May/June 2017 

Greetings Kricketeers! 

Thanks to everyone for checking in. This is Katrina coming at you with an update of all we’ve been up to lately—there’s a lot to cover. May was loaded with some of our…

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Why did the folk musician get arrested?

Answer: Too much treble.    (OUCH! ...and so true:)  

Terrible jokes aside, hello, lovely Kricket Folk!  

Hopefully, we get to hug your neck at one of the above mentioned shows soon.  Life has been too fast to be any good at…Read more

What.A.Year. WOW and thank you

No sleep, straight off the plane in New York.  But HAPPY

Hello Beautiful Kricket Folk!!

Want to hear something crazy?  This day last year we began tossing around the idea of of kickstarter campaign to make an album.  We were…Read more

SoWal Life Magazine Review by Josette Rhodes

Josette and Shannon of 30A Songwriter Radio are some of the most incredible folks that tirelessly support local music.   We feel so honored that they would say this about  our new album!   Here's the review in it's entirety.  

Swamp Invasion

Beloved Kricket Folk, 

Well, we are proud to report that we have invaded international radio with the help of some amazing radio Djs.  Tonight we sat slack-jawed as we were played along side our musical heroes on John Godfrey's…

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Throwback Thursday - The video that started it all

The Krickets performing Neil Young's "Helpless"

This is the first video we ever made.  It was right before performing at Mexico Beach's Music in the Park (on a Thursday night, no less).   We created a Facebook page that day and…Read more

Radio Play!

As usual, our jaws on on the floor about this experience. While we should probably try to act all rockstar cool, we can't hide our excitement about it with you guys. So..this is where we have to geek out just…Read more

Whirlwind of an Album Release

Dear fairy godmothers and godfathers,

We have to call you guys those names because that's what the last couple of months have felt like.   And without your support we simply would not be in this magical place.   Last month we…Read more

It's Getting Real, Y'all

Hello Kricket Folks!

We have not forgotten about you!  While our gigs are on a major hold, we have been working our tails off on getting our album material together.  Be it logos, album cover photoshoots, t-shirt designs, work tape…Read more

Bet your Chester ain't this crazy

Our band kind of lives to hear Melissa do her 'crazy Chester verse."  Thanks to Vicki Stewart for the video and Little Village for having us out to play at their Mardi Gras celebration!   We had such a fun day…Read more