Krickets Family! We are ready to shoot for album #2 and we need your help!

Krickets Family,

Can you believe it's been two years since our album's kickstarter campaign?  A multi-award winning album came about because of your generosity, it was the experience of a lifetime and we are so grateful.  Well, are you ready for some new music?  We hope so, because....

We are going to shoot for album #2 and we need your help!

This album will also support The Cricket Fund Beyond Diagnosis and we are SO proud to do it!!!  


The Pledge Rewards are AWESOME and almost every tier has at least a preorder of the album included.  We're so pumped to do this!! It’s not lost on us that our amazing experience thus far has been because of YOU.   Every dollar, share and prayer helps!  We believe we can reach our goal and make another dream come true! THANK YOU.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…….. 


Your Krickets

Check out our video below!:)

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