A write up in the Lagniappe?!!

Favorite Quote #1 

"The Mobile Bay area is full of active female musicians, almost all of them solo performers. So when a band like The Krickets comes along, it’s quite refreshing."  - Stephen Centanni, Lagniappe Magazine 

Favorite quote #2 

"Armed with acoustic instruments and a ton of harmonic talent, The Krickets have been gathering fans with their ethereal Americana sound. This quartet embraces a soothing mix of country, folk and bluegrass. Many may consider this a common sound on the Gulf Coast, but Americana music of this nature is typically performed by a solo artist. With their fresh sound, The Krickets have been a hit with area audiences, especially with their original debut single, “Sweet Home.” Another song, “It’s Christmas Eve,” has been receiving a lot of attention online as well." - Stephen Centanni, Lagniappe Magazine 

We're feelin' pretty big time today and we hope this is a great help to our 20K stretch goal!  It's no small coincidence that "lagniappe" means "a little bit more", right?   We want to make you guys the BEST album we can afford and we won't give up the fight to raise these funds until the clock strikes zero on Jan 15th.  Thank you for helping us keep the campaign going! Check out the whole article here! 



The Krickets