...a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind sound.”

Paste Magazine


What happens when the world turns upside down and a quarantine benches a band's tour?  Something magical.  They learn to write and record remotely, self-produce some music and then....release it - bells and whistles be damned.  With new single, These Games, The Krickets offer a raw, Americana harmony bath with a retro feel meant to be sung at the top of one's lungs.  It's a small part of a big message from a beloved musical community that nothing's gonna stop the music.

The Krickets are a female Americana group from the gulf coast who's music is what Paste Magazine called a "a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind sound."  Two-time winner of a 2016 and 2019 Independent Music Award for Song of the Year in both Folk and Alt Country categories,  the band's music is a genre-bending Americana cocktail steeped in their signature folk harmony.  Muscles Shaols producer Ben Tanner of Single Lock Records helped them find this sound on their 2016 debut Spanish Moss Sirens and Nashville's Sam Ashworth (Joy Williams, Lone Bellow), helped them dive further into it on their 2018 sophomore LP, Redbird.  New single, These Games, is a true first for them, fully self-produced and will drop June 5th, 2020.

Originally coming together to play a breast cancer benefit in honor of Cristina "Cricket" Russell, The Krickets continue to support the cause by donating a portion of the proceeds from every album sale.  This fund, created by Sacred Heart Hospital, provides screening for the uninsured in rural north Florida.   Click here to donate to the Cricket Fund.

"The Krickets send chills down your spine and lift you sky high on their debut album Spanish Moss Sirens." - No Depression

Press Photos

The Krickets -  (from left to right). Lauren Spring, Rachel Grubb, Emily Stuckey

The Krickets - (from left to right). Lauren Spring, Rachel Grubb, Emily Stuckey

2016 Album - Spanish Moss Sirens

2016 Album - Spanish Moss Sirens

Redbird Album

The Krickets

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Recorded in Nashville, TN and produced by Grammy nominee Sam Ashworth.

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