What.A.Year. WOW and thank you

No sleep, straight off the plane in New York.  But HAPPY

Hello Beautiful Kricket Folk!!

Want to hear something crazy?  This day last year we began tossing around the idea of of kickstarter campaign to make an album.  We were terrified no one would give us a dime and then you guys went and blew our minds.   Fast forward to today and we just have to shake our heads at the events that have taken place.   Because of YOU:
Basically, it's been a dream come true on every level.   Sappy as we are about it, we are still going to fall all over ourselves thanking you because YOU and your support for the small independent musician made it all possible.     So, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again.    

Now what's next?  We have a couple gigs booked through the end of the year.   Come and hang with us!  

12/16 - Junction at Munroe - Tallahassee - Christmas with The Currys and the Krickets - Tickets here
12/18 - Manci's Antique Club - Daphne - info here

If we don't get to see you, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas.   If you're stumped on gift ideas, give a Krickets CD, t-shirt, sticker, poster or koozie to the people you love, like, or someone you'd simply like to widen their musical tastes.  Here's a place to purchase those and other merch.    We also have a fan club with an embarrassingly low number of members, so if you join that you are supporting us and get 15% off all those Christmas gifts.  You can join the fan club through this link.    We need to get to band rehearsal now so we can show up the Currys.   (J/k - they are AMAZING and you've got to come see our Christmas show with them dec 16th in Tallahassee!).

All of our love,
The Krickets