1. Sweet Home

From the recording Spanish Moss Sirens

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written by Emily Stuckey and Cory Rezner


Sweet Home
(Emily Stuckey/Corey Rezner)

In 1953 my grandpa always said
He wanted to go back and rest his head
Mary was at home while he was away
He wrote to her and this is what he'd say

I wanna go back to Alabama
I wanna lay underneath a pine
And I wanna go back to Alabama
To that sweet home of mine

Moss in the trees and midnight jubilees
Starlight and the feeling of feeling free
The sounds of the crickets
The crash of the waves
Sunset in the sky at the end of the day


On his way to Kansas he was thinkin' bout his life
And all the memories that have made it right
He was searching for something that he just can't find
But something always takes him back to this special place of mine