From the recording Spanish Moss Sirens

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(Melissa Bowman)

We know that you are weary, we know that you are cold
But do not fear, take shelter here in our oak and cedar cove
We will warm and calm you as the hurricane winds blow
To port, you'll learn, you can't return as we three lasses know

We sing a song so salty sweet
In our cave on St. George Island
Come to us now, your lives rely
On the Song of the Spanish Moss Sirens
On the Song of the Spanish Moss Sirens

Cartesia is a fine ship with sailors finer still
A boat of wood can be torn in half but never men of steel
So rest your weary bones on shores of oysters and pearls
We could never harm you, for we are but three young girls


The sea has spared your bodies but your families will grieve
For our song seduced its spell on you
And now you cannot leave