1. Redbird

From the recording Redbird Album

Our title track and first single off our new album Redbird to be released Oct 26, 2018!


by Emily Stuckey Sellers, Katrina Kolb and Lauren Spring
Produced by Sam Ashworth

Whatʼs she been trying to tell me
the only time I see her is in my dreams
Itʼs been this way since sheʼs been gone Words lost in translation and I wake too soon to know

Maybe if I go back to sleep sheʼll finish what sheʼs saying
Were they words unspoken before she was taken

Things between us are so different
guess it what happens when the truth is unraveled
I hope one day Iʼll be able to forgive them
Time will tell and if all else fails
I havenʼt lost a damn thing


Maybe sheʼll make the sky rain down on me
Maybe sheʼs a red bird and sheʼll fly right past me

Am I being punished with these dreams running through my mind
Is there a reason we didnʼt get more time?
I reach out and sheʼll just vanish when she sees me
Is this love or is this a warning?