...a truly stunning one-of-a-kind sound.”

Paste Magazine


The Krickets are a female Americana group from the gulf coast who's music is what Paste Magazine describes as "a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind sound."  Fresh out of the studio, the band just finished a sophomore album entitled 'Redbird.'  The title track, 'Redbird'  was recently named the 2019 Alt Country Song of the Year at the Independent Music Awards.  Produced by Grammy nominee Sam Ashworth and recorded at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville this album has everything from traditional country to folk rock steeped in harmony and an earthy instrumentation.

2016 IMA Folk Song of the Year winner for their single "Cool Cool Water,"  The Krickets are a female swamp-folk band that released their first album "Spanish Moss Sirens" in May of 2016.  Produced by Ben Tanner of the Alabama Shakes and recorded in Muscle Shoals, the album debuted at #1 on Amazon's ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Movers and Shakers’ and ‘Modern Folk’ charts.   They were also named the 2016 IMEA Folk Artist of the Year. The group originally came together to play a cancer benefit in honor of Cristina "Cricket" Russell.  Now, they are able to support the cause by donating a portion of every album sale to The Cricket Fund and Beyond which provides women's health services to the uninsured.

Band members: Emily Stuckey (vocals, guitar, percussion), Lauren Spring (vocals, guitar, fiddle) , Rachel Grubb (vocals, bass, guitar)

Hey Hey Guys! Krickets news ahead!👉🏻 

Hi guys!! 

We wanted to check in and let you all know what has been happening!  First, thanks to all who came out for WUWF's Radio Live last week.  What a night!  Here's the show link if you're in a NPR musical discovery mood.   The other artists were Ben de la Cour, Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield.  All amazing songwriters. 

Upcoming Shows: ticket links below  -   💥we can't wait to see you!!💥 

9/15  Sing Out Loud Fest -St Augustine, Fl 
10/13  Oktober Fest - Apalachicola, Fl 
10/25  Private House Concert - Mobile, Al 
11/3. The Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival - Pensacola, FL 
11/8. Heartwood Soundstage - Gainsville, Fl. (Tickets Here) 
11/9. Private House Concert - Tampa, Fl. (reservation requests email lunazoot@gmail.com
11/10. Bowery Station - Apalachicola, Fl 
12/14. Monticello Opera House, Monticello, Flw/ The Currys. (Tickets Here) 

Some happenings: 

So, we were mind blown to win Alt Country Song of the Year at the 2019 Independent Music Awards for our title track, 'Redbird".  What?!!  We didn't go to NYC to go fetch it this time, but we still feel just as honored and it's made us look very fancy on our radio promos lately.   This lead to a big jump back to #2 on the Folk/Bluegrass charts for the most downloaded album in all of radio land this month.  We also landed our very first indie film song placement in a movie called Son of a Gun which you can watch here on Amazon Prime.  And last but not least, The Krickets were featured in a documentary!  The film was made to depict the differences female musicians face in a southern culture, but to us, it became the early story of our band.  All the good, bad and ugly is there.  We haven't been able to get through it yet without crying for the pain and joy of it all.   It's terrifying to share something that up close and personal, but we believe in telling the truth, sooo...   anyway, we will host a watch party on facebook for that soon so we can all experience the saga together. 

Best ways to support us at the moment: 

  • Add us to a playlist!   Find us here: Apple Music / Spotify / Amazon /  "Alexa, play The Krickets!" 
  • Host a house show!  Just reply to this email and we'll tell you all about it 
  • Come join our super fan club at Patreon!   For as little as a $1/m you can have access to supporter exclusive videos, special merch, early access to tickets and show info, watch our practices, etc.  We have a grand total of 5 patrons at this moment and one of them is Lauren's mom, so come help us out if you can!  This support helps with things like like website fees, festival app fees, gas, etc.   CLICK HERE to join our SUPER GROUP 🤟 

We can't adequately put into words how grateful we are to you for supporting our music.  WE LOVE YOU AND CAN"T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! 

Your Krickets 


Keep Kalm and Kricket On 

💥some news💥 

Hey Fam! 

Lauren and Emily here and we have some news.  We are excited to announce that Katrina and Amanda have finished their teaching degrees and will be starting their new journeys this year.  We’re so happy for them and hope you guys join us in wishing them the best as they head down these new paths!🧡  Don’t worry - take a deep breath - The Krickets are alive and well and have invited our very talented friend and fellow singer songwriter, Rachel Grubb to jam with us and bring that third harmony and bass guitar to the group.   We’ve been practicing for a couple months now and we’re really getting excited about the sound.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years since The Krickets began and we’re excited for this next chapter.   Thanks so much for the support you’ve shown us through every chapter thus far.  We love you and can’t wait to see you this fall!  #KeepKalmAndKricketOn

Little update 

Hello Krickets fam! 

It's high time you fine folks received a little update on this new album's progress.   The short version is that it is in the process of being mixed and our producer hopes to have it back to us by the end of the month and ready to release by Aug/Sept.  It's later than we'd envisioned but we're so proud of this music we hope you'll feel it was worth the wait!!   We are SO excited about getting to play these songs live.  Like crazy excited about it.  

Recording this album was a crazy wonderful experience with our producer Sam Ashworth in Nashville.  We poured ourselves out into about 20 songs for him to choose from and 12 will be on this album!  Sam's ideas for these songs were ridiculously cool and he had us trying things musically we would have never had the guts to try otherwise.  To give you an idea of the whirlwind of the experience, we recorded 12 songs in 5 days this time as opposed to 10 songs in 10 days on our last album.  What?!  And that included cutting out early one day to go record a music video song series at Skyville Live for Scenes Media! 

Now it's crunch time on getting the music mixed and mastered, making a music video for the new music, album art, photoshoots, marketing campaigns, and getting physical merch production underway!  We hope to plan an album release concert in both Port St. Joe and the Mobile area.  We're beyond grateful to you and are working hard to make you proud!    See you soon!! 

Your Krickets

Krickets Family! We are ready to shoot for album #2 and we need your help!  

Krickets Family,

Can you believe it's been two years since our album's kickstarter campaign?  A multi-award winning album came about because of your generosity, it was the experience of a lifetime and we are so grateful.  Well, are you ready for some new music?  We hope so, because....

We are going to shoot for album #2 and we need your help!

This album will also support The Cricket Fund Beyond Diagnosis and we are SO proud to do it!!!  


The Pledge Rewards are AWESOME and almost every tier has at least a preorder of the album included.  We're so pumped to do this!! It’s not lost on us that our amazing experience thus far has been because of YOU.   Every dollar, share and prayer helps!  We believe we can reach our goal and make another dream come true! THANK YOU.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…….. 


Your Krickets

Check out our video below!:)

Katrina's Take: A Hoot and a Holler! 

May/June 2017 

Greetings Kricketeers! 

Thanks to everyone for checking in. This is Katrina coming at you with an update of all we’ve been up to lately—there’s a lot to cover. May was loaded with some of our greatest adventures, and I don’t say that very lightly, considering we’ve shared the most amazing experiences together. 

We kicked off the month with a wedding! Melissa married her sweetheart, Sam Weigle, and the two lovebirds took their celebration on the road with the band as we all traveled to St. Augustine, Florida. 

Gamble Rogers Music Festival 

St. Augustine, founded in 1565 by Spaniards, is the oldest city in the nation. It was my first time to visit the town, which is located in northeastern Florida right on the Atlantic coast, and wowzers it is a beautiful area. I still can’t stop thinking about it. 

We had an absolute blast at the 22nd Annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival. Everyone we met and got to hang with could not have been any cooler or kinder, and the atmosphere of the festival was amazing. All the oaks and shady trees made it the perfect spot, and the weather, oh my word it was heavenly. And might I add that the music is what dreams are made of. I can’t imagine there ever being a more intimate feeling of both listening with and performing to the most intent of audiences, and The Gamble Rogers Festival was just that. I’m thankful to have been a part of it, and we can’t wait to go back again next year. 

Chickfest at Bowery Station 

We followed up the Gamble Rogers folk fest with some downhome good times. The Bowery Station is the chillest-vibing, outdoorsiest indoor hang in Apalachicola, Florida, and by far the best music venue. The hospitality is topnotch, and we had a hoot at Chickfest this year. 

We got to hear some of the best music performed by the most talented lineup of all-lady musicians all day long. I got to experience probably the best game of cornhole of my life, and I don’t say that lightly either, because what I didn’t mention in the previous section is that I had played the second-best game of cornhole ever. (Maybe I’ll start a subblog about my cornhole adventures). Chickfest was so much fun. 

Melissa announced that she is having a baby boy!!! And she also mentioned to me that she had seen the greatest shirt she’d ever seen. She said it had hamburgers on it and that she had to have it. I missed it, but I wanted to see so badly, for I knew that this had to be the best shirt ever. So I scanned every person I could see, but I could not locate a hamburger shirt for the life of me. The next thing we knew, there was a huge commotion. A half-naked man appeared, and Melissa was holding the most badass shirt I had ever seen in my life. I’ll never forget it, and now I am suddenly hungry for burgers. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard during a gig or experienced as much joy as I did at Chickfest playing music with most incredible group of people I know. 

Florida Folk Festival 

To close out our string of gigs and adventures for the month, we got to live as hippies for the weekend, and we were so happy. The Florida Folk Festival is located in White Springs, Florida, at the Stephen Foster Culture Center State Park, situated on the Suwannee River. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

soon as we arrived to the festival, we found the River Gazebo Stage and prepared for our acoustic set. There is nothing in the world quite comparable to playing soul-folk music in the middle of the woods on the banks of the Suwannee. It’s an odd but glorious feeling, nervous excitement mixed with overwhelming peace, and we hit the kind of groove during that performance that makes music everything in the world to me. 

It was my first time to camp out in a tent, and we had the friendliest and most helpful camp neighbors. It was such an adventure. I loved it. We spent most of the next day exploring the park and ended the evening with our performance on the main Amphitheater Stage. Our sweet, good friends, Amy Alderman and Ashley Fellers, joined us for the set and helped us tremendously in doing so. We were also joined by The Currys for our last two songs, and man was it a treat! 

A good time was had by all. We will never forget it and can only dream of having as much fun at next year’s festival. But until then… 


Saturday, July 8th | Monticello Opera House| Monticello, Florida 

Doors 6:30 | Dinner 7 | Show 8 

The band is traveling to Monticello, Florida, for a performance at the Monticello Opera House! Belle and the Band will join us, and we are looking forward to an evening of awesome music in this most beautiful venue. We are excited to see all of our friends and hope to meet some new folks as well! Tickets: http://monticellooperahouse.org/tickets 

Sunday, July 9th | Eddie’s Attic | Decatur, Georgia 

Doors 5 | Show 6 

We are absolutely thrilled to travel to Georgia for Eddie’s Attic. Calling all of our friends in Atlanta and surrounding areas! Come out and help make this an unforgettable night and enjoy with us an intimate evening of music at one of the most legendary listening rooms in the country. “Live Music Matters.” Tickets: http://ticketfly.com/event/143735?utm_medium=api 

Monday, July 17th | Here Comes the Sun – Summer Concert Series | Rosemary Beach, Florida 

Show 7 

The Merchants of Rosemary Beach is hosting a summer concert series, happening every Monday all summer. We are excited to be a part of the lineup! Join us for this sure-to-be fun event and enjoy the evening with us. 


The Krickets

Why did the folk musician get arrested? 

Answer: Too much treble.    (OUCH! ...and so true:)  

Terrible jokes aside, hello, lovely Kricket Folk!  

Hopefully, we get to hug your neck at one of the above mentioned shows soon.  Life has been too fast to be any good at consistency with this blog, so thanks for your patience with us and we'll keep it brief, we swear!   A few "firsts" we have coming up are a little mini tour to Atlanta, our very first house concert, our first yearly donation to the Cricket Fund and Beyond and several festivals in towns we've never played.  We are so excited about them all and can't believe May 17th will mark a year since the album release.  An album that won us an IMEA Folk Artist of the Year award and IMA Folk Song of the Year.  Crazy!   Album #2 has been on our minds and it's so fun to dream on what it would sound like.   Right now, it's still very much a dream, but we'd love your prayers and positive thoughts sent our way as we figure it out. <3

Would y'all help us with something?  (pretty, please)
If you listen to Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music would you add your favorite Kricket tunes to a playlist you listen to?  It helps a lot and we appreciate it very much!  

In addition to the shows above, there is a rumor we might rejoin The Currys (great folk band) for a Christmas show in Tallahassee Dec 16th and maybe jet down to Gainesville, Fl to play the SandHill Listening Room Stage in Sept.  We'll keep you posted!:)    We hope you're all mentally prepared for Chickfest at Bowery Station this Saturday.  All our fellow female performers are so darn good, we could just sit and listen instead of play!  Don't miss it!

Finally, we have one more beautiful thing to celebrate ---  the wedding of our bandmate Melissa and her love, Sam, and their sweet little one on the way!   We are so happy for them and wish every blessing on their new family!!    

Your Krickets

Click on the pic for a video from the Gamble Rogers Music Fest last weekend!  and please add us to those playlists!


What.A.Year. WOW and thank you 

No sleep, straight off the plane in New York.  But HAPPY

Hello Beautiful Kricket Folk!!

Want to hear something crazy?  This day last year we began tossing around the idea of of kickstarter campaign to make an album.  We were terrified no one would give us a dime and then you guys went and blew our minds.   Fast forward to today and we just have to shake our heads at the events that have taken place.   Because of YOU:
Basically, it's been a dream come true on every level.   Sappy as we are about it, we are still going to fall all over ourselves thanking you because YOU and your support for the small independent musician made it all possible.     So, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again.    

Now what's next?  We have a couple gigs booked through the end of the year.   Come and hang with us!  

12/16 - Junction at Munroe - Tallahassee - Christmas with The Currys and the Krickets - Tickets here
12/18 - Manci's Antique Club - Daphne - info here

If we don't get to see you, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas.   If you're stumped on gift ideas, give a Krickets CD, t-shirt, sticker, poster or koozie to the people you love, like, or someone you'd simply like to widen their musical tastes.  Here's a place to purchase those and other merch.    We also have a fan club with an embarrassingly low number of members, so if you join that you are supporting us and get 15% off all those Christmas gifts.  You can join the fan club through this link.    We need to get to band rehearsal now so we can show up the Currys.   (J/k - they are AMAZING and you've got to come see our Christmas show with them dec 16th in Tallahassee!).

All of our love,
The Krickets

SoWal Life Magazine Review by Josette Rhodes 

Josette and Shannon of 30A Songwriter Radio are some of the most incredible folks that tirelessly support local music.   We feel so honored that they would say this about  our new album!   Here's the review in it's entirety.  
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