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...a truly stunning one-of-a-kind sound.”

Paste Magazine


The Krickets are a female Americana group from the gulf coast who's music is what Paste Magazine describes as "a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind sound."  Fresh out of the studio, the band just finished a sophomore album entitled 'Redbird.'  The single and title track is out now with the full album dropping 10/26/18.   Produced by Grammy nominee Sam Ashworth and recorded at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville this album has everything from traditional country to folk rock steeped in harmony and an earthy instrumentation.

2016 IMA Folk Song of the Year winner for their single "Cool Cool Water,"  The Krickets are a female swamp-folk band that released their first album "Spanish Moss Sirens" in May of 2016.  Produced by Ben Tanner of the Alabama Shakes and recorded in Muscle Shoals, the album debuted at #1 on Amazon's ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Movers and Shakers’ and ‘Modern Folk’ charts.   They were also named the 2016 IMEA Folk Artist of the Year. The group originally came together to play a cancer benefit in honor of Cristina "Cricket" Russell.  Now, they are able to support the cause by donating a portion of every album sale to The Cricket Fund and Beyond which provides women's health services to the uninsured.

Band members: Amanda Kolb (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, lap steel), Emily Stuckey (guitar, percussion, mandolin), Lauren Spring (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, guitar) and Katrina Kolb (bass)

Radio Play! 

As usual, our jaws on on the floor about this experience. While we should probably try to act all rockstar cool, we can't hide our excitement about it with you guys. So..this is where we have to geek out just a little and giggle and squeal about having the album get some radio play! 18 countries now!

One of the best parts about this is discovering some new radio shows that americana/ folk fans like us would love. Here are a couple playing the album now: New Folk Radio (out of Utah), My DaddyO (South Carolina), PT's Roadhouse (somewhere out west:), Lazlo's Blowup Radio, and the Troubadour show (Western Europe and the UK)

Favorite quote thus far? - "Fantastic album.. simply beautiful...I've discovered that I love The Krickets." - John Godfrey, The Troubadour Show

(Squeals) Eek!:D In our wild dreams, I don't think we could have imagined our music being played right along next to our musical heros like Graham Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Jason Isbell, Bob Dylan and Bela Fleck. Crazy!! 

Thanks for letting us squeal and be totally uncool for a minute!  We are starting to book our late fall schedule, so please message/email us with any venue suggestions you'd like to see us come play!  Have an amazing weekend.

The Krickets

Whirlwind of an Album Release 

Dear fairy godmothers and godfathers,

We have to call you guys those names because that's what the last couple of months have felt like.   And without your support we simply would not be in this magical place.   Last month we released our debut album, Spanish Moss Sirens May 17th, 2016.   It is now being played in 15 countries and is #3 on May's Global Folk / Bluegrass Charts for radio downloads.    We're hilariously new to all this and industry folks have been very cool and patient while we CAUTIOUSLY ask every question possible before making decisions.    Basically other than out right buying and streaming the album, the best way to help us keep the momentum is to REVIEW the music for us on itunes and amazon.   Would you please do this for us?  All the cool kids are doing it!  Two seconds, we swear:)  

itunes :
amazon :

We also got to hug lots of you at one of our CD release parties at The Port Theatre in Port St Joe or at Callaghan's Irish Social Club in Mobile.   It's so hard to begin to talk about either experience just for the overwhelming gratitude we feel about each event.  They were both profoundly wonderful experiences for us and if you were there, THANK YOU!!!   That's such an inadequate description of them, but we can only say our hearts just overflowed with love both nights.  We had so much fun at The Port Theartre getting to play with incredible musicians at both venues like Brian Bowen, Robbie Sellers, The Bo Spring Band, Caroline Watts (drums), Robert Watts (guitar), Cameron Weiler (keys).   Sooo many people helped get that magical old theatre show-ready.  Natalie Shoaf, David Warriner, all PTAAC members, Kelli Newman with High Cotton Affairs, The Port Volunteers, Gary Stanley, Rusty's heating and Air, Scott Godwin's Electric, Melissa Beehee, Richard Gross, and Natalie Bowman, Rick Ott, and SOOO many others sacrificed their time to help us and we'll never forget it.    In Mobile, we have to thank Steve Centanni of The Lagniappe who was kind enough to give us another write up after an interview and JT of Callaghan's for giving us a chance to play his ridiculously fun venue -- we had a blast!   THE Julie Sweet (keys) and Carrington Sweet (guitar, sound)  were cool enough to sit in with us and play and made the night even cooler if that was possible.  

Your response to the album has just made every bit of of the blood, sweat and tears worth it.   And rest assure, there was blood, sweat and plenty of tears.   Launching a kickstarter, writing, arranging, learning, practicing, recording, getting the album printed and released, preparing the venues (The port had not been open in decades!), performing, and getting our kickstarter backers' their well deserved rewards, all took place in 6 months.   And not one of us would trade this whirlwind experience for anything.  ANYTHING.  The fact that you guys have been so kind and receptive to the album is the most amazing feeling.  We can even hear you singing back our own words to us every now and again and it makes us giddy!    All of this is because you support us.  Every comment, share, tweet, 'like', show you attend, album bought, word of encouragement, hug, gig you help us book, all of it is deeply appreciated and we want you guys to know that we love you.   On top of that, you are helping us support the Crickets fund with every album sold, which is what started this shindig in the first place.  

So what's next?  Well, we have ONE more show before we take a break until September while Emily and her husband, Robbie welcome little Arthur into the world.   We will be at the Barn Bash Arnett's Gulfside Ranch in Santa Rosa Beach Saturday June 11th at 5Pm CST.    We are crazy excited to be opening for The Mulligan Brothers who are incredible.   Ticket proceeds will benefit The Arc of Walton County and we would be so glad to see you there!!    We pick back up in September at Backstage Pass at the PC Marina Civic Center.  Other shows are listed at here.

A million thank yous and we can't wait to see you this Saturday!  

Your Krickets


It's Getting Real, Y'all 

Hello Kricket Folks!

We have not forgotten about you!  While our gigs are on a major hold, we have been working our tails off on getting our album material together.  Be it logos, album cover photoshoots, t-shirt designs, work tape tracks, or just outright band practice, we have been on it.  We were fortunate enough to have the famous Jenny Odom of make our Logo and T-shirt design for us.   She's amazing and you might have seen her work you may have seen on proud display at Bowery Station in Apalachicola, Fl.   Our album theme has a swamp-sirens-backwoods-folklore feel to it and she captured that beautifully.  

Next we went on a WHIRLWIND magical day of a photoshoot with Wildlife Guide Matt Godwin of Off The Map Expeditions.   He is an expert on Wewahitchka's gorgeous Dead Lakes Park Reserve and took us by pontoon boat to spots we we re least likely to be an alligator's lunch.    Being a Kricket on this day was not for the faint of heart.  We had to become our swamp siren characters that day and act as if we were the predator instead of the prey.   D. Alex Tino hair and make up and Julia Fobe's incredible floral headdresses transformed us enough to believe we were sirens for a day.   Caroline Watts was our shoot director and was incredible.

Joe Alonzo of Joe Alonzo Photography is the most badass photographer on the planet and here is why:

Meanwhile,surreal thing #1 happened when WFSU's Local Routes surprised us with airing all new show featuring Melissa's special song 'Voodoo Resurrection' written for her daddy.   You can see that here:

Surreal thing #2 this week: Watching our producer to be walk across a stage on TV to accept a GRAMMY.  GULP.  No pressure!!!!  

A few gigs:

Family Fun Fest in Pensacola 3/20 to road test the album before we hit the studio.  Eek!  
The Junction at Munroe May 7th.   Please go get your tickets online here:

Bowery Station for Chickfest 2016 April 30th - we'll be helping to raise some $ for our very favorite charity, The Cricket Fund.  We will join many other female musicians like Jenny Odom, Rachel Hillman, Cat Braaten, and our own Melissa Bowman with the Bowery as they have pledged an incredibly generous per drink donation to the fund.    We are practicing so hard recording and re-recording these songs so they sound awesome when we get to Muscle Shoals.  We are so excited getting our kickstarter's back rewards together and preparing this album for you guys!   We love you and will see you soon!!!

The Krickets

Bet your Chester ain't this crazy  

Our band kind of lives to hear Melissa do her 'crazy Chester verse."  Thanks to Vicki Stewart for the video and Little Village for having us out to play at their Mardi Gras celebration!   We had such a fun day playing sets around the parade time in St Andrew's enormous Mardi Gras crowd.  

Then the next day, we we so excited to go play Bowery Station in Apalachicola for their 2nd Anniversary Party.    The folks were so warm and responsive and gave us their full, all be it drunken, attention.  They even let us try out some of the new originals for the album!  
Then we were lucky enough to run into Chelsea from the Well Worn Soles and she sat in with us for a couple songs on fiddle.  
GREAT WEEKEND and so much fun.  It was great way to send us out and we put a big hold on gigs for a while to practice these originals we are so excited about for the album.   We love y'all and thank you for supporting us the way you do.   

Love, The Krickets

TV Time and Marie's Bistro 

Hi y'all!

We had so much fun this week going to Tallahassee together to film WSFU-TV's 'Local Routes' show.  It was our first band ride together (including our dear bassist Katrina) to an out of town gig, our first pre-taped TV recording, our first studio experience all together backing up our friend Brian Bowen on his new album AND our very first time to perform Melissa's amazing original song, "Voodoo Resurrection'.   A LOT to pack into one day.  And we were even on time.  (We're feeling super pro, here:) 

WFSU's staff was incredibly warm and welcoming.   They made us feel right at home and gave us the unique opportunity to answer some questions about the band and our dreams for this album.  There were some tender answers you'll have to wait to watch when the show airs, but I think it's fair to say we all felt closer as a band after that interview.   We got to play two originals for a rehearsal for the cameras and then taped them.   After enjoying a cool tour of WFSU's museum, we passed our fried Brian Bowen coming in to tape his segment!   He asked us to drop by the studio and lay some background vocals for his album which we were honored to do.   Finally, on the way home we completed another online interview for a music blogger with   Whew!!!  

After a couple days we finally got to let our hair down and play a gig at a new venue for us called Marie's Bistro.  They were wonderful hosts and the crowd was so kind to us.   Hope you all have an incredible week and we'll let you know when the Local Routes show will air!   This coming weekend is the last we will be playing out for a while as we turn our energy to REHEARSAL for our new album.   Please come and see us if you can!!   
                                            Photo cred and tambourine cred - Caroline Watts

The Krickets

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! 

We are making an album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank you to our backers for making this DREAM come true.  We have the COOLEST producer ever lined up to pull our best out of us and joining our musical heroes on the list of artists who recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL.  We are humbled beyond belief and so grateful for this.  THANK YOU!!!!!  We'll keep you posted on our progress right here on our blog.   You can sign up on the email list on this website to receive the updates!    ALL OUR LOVE!!!!!!!!! - The Krickets

A write up in the Lagniappe?!! 

Favorite Quote #1 

"The Mobile Bay area is full of active female musicians, almost all of them solo performers. So when a band like The Krickets comes along, it’s quite refreshing."  - Stephen Centanni, Lagniappe Magazine 

Favorite quote #2 

"Armed with acoustic instruments and a ton of harmonic talent, The Krickets have been gathering fans with their ethereal Americana sound. This quartet embraces a soothing mix of country, folk and bluegrass. Many may consider this a common sound on the Gulf Coast, but Americana music of this nature is typically performed by a solo artist. With their fresh sound, The Krickets have been a hit with area audiences, especially with their original debut single, “Sweet Home.” Another song, “It’s Christmas Eve,” has been receiving a lot of attention online as well." - Stephen Centanni, Lagniappe Magazine 

We're feelin' pretty big time today and we hope this is a great help to our 20K stretch goal!  It's no small coincidence that "lagniappe" means "a little bit more", right?   We want to make you guys the BEST album we can afford and we won't give up the fight to raise these funds until the clock strikes zero on Jan 15th.  Thank you for helping us keep the campaign going! Check out the whole article here! 


The Krickets

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